Sifu Dennis Wang-External Qi Gong : A review by Heiko Lade

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Kane Monrad

I first met Dennis Wang in 2009 when I was in Hong Kong having qi gong healing treatment from Grand Master Shao Xing Xuan. Dennis was then his number one student and Dennis has now progressed and become a master of the Han Yang Ru Yi Qi Gong style himself.

The Han Yang Ru Yi Qi Gong is a qi gong style that has been passed down through lineages and like other forms of qi gong, consists of a number of specific movements combined with breathing and visualization. The person practicing the style will get health benefits themselves and improve their constitution whilst building up their zheng qi. In addition, regular training of the form will eventually result in being able to transfer qi and treat patients.

Treating patients using the Han Yang Ru Yi method involves the practitioner externally activating the wai qi field of the patient from a distance and then the qi will do what it is meant to do in order to help the patient. During this time, the patient may shake, sway, vibrate as well as experience other reactions.

You can watch a clip of myself being treated with qi gong in Hong Kong here.

All conditions can be treated with the application of externally applied qi gong healing including cancer.

The weekend will be divided as follows.

Day one:

  • Introduction and demonstration of qi gong healing
  • How to use breathing to effect immune system
  • Loosening exercises to prepare for Shaolin stretching
  • Shaolin stretching – 8 steps of yijin jing 
  • Twisting and stretching of spinal cord
  • stretching ren channel
  • stretching du channel
  • stretching dai channel
  • stretching 12 channels
  • Harnessing qi and rotating dai channel
  • Learn basic Han Yang Ru Yi hand movements
  • Han yang ru yi foundation exercise
  • Visualization exercises using lao gong to direct qi through central and lateral channel of body

Day two:

  • Talk on essentials of Han Yang Ru Yi
  • Practice 15 steps of Han Yang Ru Yi
  • Practical uses of some of the moves to apply to healing
  • The healing protocol of the Han Yang Ru Yi
  • Meditation on the three dan tien
  • Closing ceremony and presentation of certificates