San Fu Tie

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In recent years, it is very popular in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan to apply “san fu tie” to cure the winter diseases in summer. It is known that in Beijing last few years, nearly 500 hospitals and medical institutions had applied San Fu Tie. It has been derived many benefits. 

"Winter Disease point sticking" referred to as "San Fu Tie", is the application of effective herbal medicines to make into a paste that is sticking to the back of body points to treat the symptoms of a recurring or worsening chronic, intractable respiratory diseases and pollen allergy. Because these are applied on the hottest time of the year and the highest point of yang in the human body, the medicine can run very well in the hot weather. The opening pore of skin can be well-absorbed medicine to help the body's yang, whereby the body's immune system enhanced.

This therapy has the source from the Qing Dynasty and also is known as day moxibustion. According to Chinese medicine "Heaven corresponding" theory, when the body's most exuberant yang and meridians blood injection reach the highest, drugs stimulate the body to warm yang, thereby prevent the winter-prone diseases.

"San Fu Tie": mainly respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, as well as pollen allergy, recurrent colds, allergic rhinitis and chronic pharyngitis, and other lung diseases.

The paste is easy to apply and it does not blister the skin and contaminate the clothing