Silicone Cupping cups – Mini Trio Set


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Silicone Cupping Cups – Mini Trio Set

The universal cup is for applications all over the body. BellaBambi is a soft cup with an innovative peeling edge.

The resistant silicone cupping set consists of three intensities:

  • Sensitive (yellow),
  • Vitality (orange)
  • Intense (red)

 dishwasher safe, biocompatible, dermatologically safe, and meets the highest quality standards

 Is suitable for professional use as well as for home use in the field of beauty, wellness, and sports.

How to use it?

creates a negative pressure on the skin that lifts the fascial layer. The extra space created makes it easier to move the fascia, provides noticeably more flexibility, and supports regeneration. There is also pressure on the tissue under the edge of the BellaBambi, which supports the detoxification and the exchange of substances.

Many people can benefit from these various gentle or powerful applications, for example, very young and very old people like to use SENSITIVE, while athletes find an application with INTENSE particularly beneficial. In fascia training, increasing the use of SENSITIVE to INTENSE has proven itself.

The suction power can be varied by varying degrees of compression. The innovative peeling edge always ensures a firm grip, the desired shaving power, and a fresh complexion.