AcuTop® Gitter Tapes: mixed Set of cross tapes

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AcuTop® Grid Tape

How to use:

AcuTop Acupuncture Patch (Grid Tape) has been developed on the basis of acupuncture principles and should be applied on pain-trigger- or acupuncture points

Most important Features of AcuTop Grid Tape:

The AcuTop Grid Tape is made of 80% polyester, 15% polyurethane, 5% acrylic adhesive, and has a lattice shape.

Very good adhesive properties of the acrylic adhesive. It is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

No medications or active ingredients included, waterproof, latex-free

Available in three types/sizes and colors:

Type A: small applications, e.g. in the facial area of an adult or child.

Type B: on all points on the body (except face and joints)

Type C: large installations, e.g. in the joint area or back area