4 Pcs Silicone Cupping Set Acupuncture Cupping Therapy


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4 Pcs Silicone Cupping Set Acupuncture Cupping Therapy

1. High Quality: Cupping Therapy Cups are stronger & last longer – made with the highest quality platinum silicone. They are durable & elastic. Keep it clean, Easy to squeeze, and easy on your hands.

2. Convenience: These Silicone Massage cups are easy to absorb without falling off. Our premium quality cupping therapy sets provide superior suction & control. Simple to use, this cupping massage kit is a good helper for self-massage at home.


Material: Food-grade silicone

Color: Blue

Quantity: 4pcs

L Cupping: height 7.2cm, inner diameter 6.8cm, outside diameter 10cm

M Cupping: height 5.5cm, inner diameter 5.3cm, outside diameter 7.5cm

S Cupping: height 4cm, inner diameter 4cm, outside diameter 6cm

XS Cupping; height 3cm, inner diameter 3cm, outside diameter 4.5cm


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