Alchemy – Herbs for Optimal Health

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Kane Monrad

Alchemy – Herbs for Optimal Health 

We believe in providing the best ingredients to create a healthy body.


Our Formulas:


Alchemy modular prescribing systems help to simplify your clinical decision-making process,

Making it easy for you to prescribe herbal medicine to suit your patient’s constitution and state of health.

Our modular prescribing herbal elixirs from the Alchemy range help simplify the clinical decision-making

process of prescribing to your patients. Prescribing starts with a formula that addresses your patient’s

Chinese Medicine diagnosis then is accompanied by add-on formulas that can address any reproductive

diagnosis your patient may present with.


For your practitioner resources only:

Alchemy is your new trusted partner for pre-made formulas that are easy to order and prescribe to your patients.

To ensure safety & efficacy, Alchemy elixirs are strictly available only to AHPRA registered acupuncturists &

Chinese Medicine herbal practitioners. Alchemy formulas have been designed to empower your

practitioners’ skills in combining Chinese Medical and conventional day diagnosis


About Alchemy:

Alchemy founders Kirsten Wolfe & Clare Pyers are Chinese Medicine registered

practitioners and have over 30 years of clinical experience working in successfully treating

natural & IVF patients with fertility challenges.

Kirsten & Clare have embarked over several years in mentoring & educating practitioners

in the field of natural reproductive medicine after seeing the need of post-graduate fertility

education for Chinese Medicine practitioners in Australia & New Zealand.

Alchemy herbal elixir systems make it possible for practitioners to have

easy access to effective trusted quality formulas that are readily

available across Australia & New Zealand.

They understand the clinical complexity involved in working with fertility patients.

Working closely with practitioners, Kirsten & Clare have identified the common frustrations

practitioners have in their clinics treating patients. By developing the Alchemy modular

herbal elixir systems, they can now share their protocols and formulas

Broaden your business potential by prescribing. Alchemy herbal elixir formulas for your clients

and enhance your clinical success!