Gracilis Tincture for Weight Management

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Kane Monrad

Heiko Lade – Founder of Gracilis Health

Heiko Lade originally from Australia, started studying acupuncture and herbalism in the late 1970’s. He first visited and lived in China in 1984 where he worked in a hospital gaining practical experience. Upon his return from China, he practiced in Sydney’s Chinatown and obtained a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

He moved to New Zealand in 1999 where he continued to practice as well as teach acupuncture and Chinese herbs in Christchurch and Auckland. Since 2007 he has resided and continued his practice in Hawkes Bay and regularly runs workshops in Traditional Acupuncture in Auckland. Heiko also regularly gives talks on acupuncture and herbs to women’s groups, Rotary, and Lions.

Throughout his clinical career, Heiko has treated a diverse range of complaints from weight management issues to musculoskeletal injuries. An interest in traditional Maori medicines came through meeting various Maori patients in his clinic and he developed an interest in how these herbs can be prescribed based on traditional Chinese medicine theories.

The Gracilis Health Philosophy

Gracilis Health understands that the activity of herbal formulations and their success depends on the overall functions of the synergistic interaction of their active components in relation to each other. Gracilis Health products aim to be at the forefront of natural herbal products.

Our First Product – Gracilis Tincture for Weight Management

After more than 30 years of clinical experience, Heiko Lade’s patients suggested that some of the formulas being prescribed to them should be made available to the general public. The patients always requested a product that was natural, herbal, and easy to take.

Gracilis Tincture for Weight Management is the first in a range of true stand-alone herbal formulas that are based on traditional medical theories backed up by over three decades of clinical observation and experience.


Weight management takes time and effort to be successful. People should seek professional advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Individual results may vary.